Arena Fibre Surface Specialists

Beta-Ride specialise in sand & fibre equestrian arena surfaces. Our high quality carpet fibre, when integrated with sand, creates a root-like structure similar to good turf. This results in a secure surface which doesn’t ride too deep, whilst still giving a cushioned ride & optimal impact absorption.

Our passion for equestrian sports has led us to go the extra furlong, bringing you a consistently high performing arena surface for all disciplines. It is capable of being mixed with sensibly priced regional sub–angular sand to a quality not compromised by cost. In addition to our proven established fibres, we are now also offering a new Economy Fibre, developed to satisfy the customer with a limited budget, without losing sight of Beta-Ride’s values. 

Our arena fibres are pre-consumer, contaminant-free fibres and already comply with the Environment Agency’s new, updated rules – see our environmental approvals here (you might need these for planning permission).

You can choose from a complete arena build, surface installation only or delivery only (for self-installation). If you already have a sand arena, our carpet fibre can be used to improve your current surface. We pride ourselves on our dedication to each & every customer.


  • Surface Upgrades

  • New Arenas

  • Multi-Discipline

  • In/Outdoor Arenas

  • Full Installation or Self-Installation

Horse & Rider

  • Impact Cushioning

  • Secure Footing

  • Greater Stability

  • Less Injuries

  • Non-Energy Sapping


  • Improved Drainage

  • Reduces Freezing

  • Moisture Retentive

  • Increased Lifespan

  • Reduced Maintenance


  • Pre-Consumer Fibre

  • Contaminant Free

  • Dust Extracted

  • Fully Synthetic

  • European Environmental Standard

Our Customers Say...

✓   Working for a safer environment for horse & rider