Arena Design & Build

Beta-Ride® Full Arena Design & Build

Our knowledge of arena builds is second to none. We know how important the foundations of an arena are – it’s not all about the top surface. If you want a good quality, long-lasting arena, you need good foundations, good drainage & the right membrane. On top of that, you then want to choose the right sand & integrate it correctly with our premium quality arena fibre. 

Our arena fibres are brand new, premium quality fibres. Please beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre which is often full of dangerous rubbish & organic (so rots down quickly). Our fibre is fully synthetic & typically lasts for 15yrs or more.

We can take care of your entire arena design & build for you. We are a long established company who takes pride in our attention to detail & our customer service. We’ll meet your requirements & create an arena that will perform for many years to come. Contact us today to discuss your arena requirements.

Should you already have an arena, we can also help with surface installation only, surface upgrades or arena fibre delivery only.