Beware of Cheap Arena Fibre

Beware of Cheap, Poor Quality Arena Fibre

Beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre. We are often called out to remove someone’s arena surface, which they’ve only just purchased, due to it being unsafe & full of rubbish. Safety is paramount – don’t risk serious injury to horses using your arena. 

Cheap arena fibre is often a false economy. You can end up paying a lot more than if you’d just bought reliable, high quality arena fibre from a reputable company.

Dangerous Rubbish

Getting cheap, poor quality arena fibre can be a very costly mistake to make. Not only do you waste the initial outlay of the fibre, but if there’s potentially dangerous rubbish in there, you can’t risk leaving any of the surface in there due to the obvious injuries it may cause to any horses using the arena. This means that you could well have to pay to have your entire arena surface removed and a full new surface laid. This has the potential to also damage your arena membrane, so it can get even worse!

Rubbish From Cheap Arena Fibre
This is just some of the dangerous rubbish we pulled from a recently installed arena surface
Poor quality, cheap arena fibre
Cheap, poor quality fibre

Cheap Fibre

Cheap fibre is also often organic, so rots down too quickly. Imagine paying all of that money for your arena, only for it only to last for a year or two, before turning to mush. Beta-Ride fibre is fully synthetic & typically lasts for 15 years or more.

Arena fibre that’s not fully synthetic may also result in having the entire arena surface removed as the arena fibre may become mushy & impossible to remove without removing the sand with it.

What to Look When Buying Arena Fibre

  • NEW fibre (previously unused).
  • Contaminant-free, with NO rubbish.
  • Fully synthetic to help avoid rotting & increase longevity.
  • Long-lasting performance & durability.
  • Non-staining.
  • Good range of fibre lengths, without the ridiculous long lengths found in some fibres, prone to cause tripping.
Astrofibre mixed in Bedwyn sand
Premium quality, Beta-Ride fibre

More Information / How To Buy

Beta-Ride Fibre is a premium quality arena fibre at a competitive price, suitable for upgrading existing sand arenas or as a new sand & fibre surface. It uses BRAND NEW fibres (a blend of polypropylene, polyester and nylon textiles). It is fully synthetic, laboratory quality guaranteed & dust-extracted. Beta-Ride Arena Fibre gives your horse the optimal surface for impact absorption & stability, giving you the perfect ride.

Choose from delivery only, installation or get a complete arena build. Our fibre is normally in stock & ready to deliver. For more information or to place an order, contact us.