Beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre. We are often called out to remove someone’s arena surface, which they’ve only just purchased, due to it being unsafe & full of rubbish such as carpet grippers.

We were delighted with these impressive results of this laboratory analysis carried out by Mansfield Sand (using their own sands).

What do you want from an equestrian arena surface? In short, you want a long-lasting surface which maximises the horse’s performance with the least amount of stress & strain.

It is important to note that sand is not all the same and the sand type that you use on your arena can have a big effect on the arena surface performance.

We are pleased to be able to announce that Endurance Arena Fibre Ltd are merging with Beta-Ride Pro-Equestrian Services.

At Beta-Ride, our arena fibre is to be integrated with arena sand. It is NOT to be used as a topper (ie. sit on top of another surface) or with any other surfaces other than sand (i.e. not rubber or woodchip).