Prices Beta-Ride® Price Guide Prices vary according to your requirements. The prices shown below are to give you a rough idea of supply only prices. For a more accurate price guide & for arena build or installation costs, please complete our Get a Quote form or contact us. When buying arena fibre, please consider the … Read more


Self-Installation Beta-Ride® Self-Installation Guide Beta-Ride offer a full installation service, but if you’d rather choose delivery only and install the arena surface yourself, then here’s a handy guide. Please be aware that each bales of fibre weighs circa 300kg, so if you’re choosing to install the fibre yourself, make sure you have the right machinery … Read more

Maintaining Your Arena

Maintaining Your Arena Beta-Ride® Arena Maintenance Tips Our high quality arena fibres result in low maintenance arenas. This is because the fibres integrate with the sand and create a root-like structure, preventing as much movement of the surface. However, all arena surfaces need some maintenance. The arena should be levelled regularly, paying particular attention to … Read more

Sand Types

Sand Types Beta-Ride® Sand Types Guide It is important to note that sand is not all the same, and the sand type that you use on your arena can have a big effect on the arena surface performance. If we’re installing a new arena surface for you, we’ll choose the most appropriate sand for you, … Read more

The Science Behind Our Fibre

The Science Behind Our Fibre Why Carpet Fibres? We choose to only offer sand & carpet fibre arena surfaces because, following extensive research & scientific advice, we believe this gives the best performance for all equestrian disciplines. We also believe it is the safest surface, resulting in less stress & strain on the horse & … Read more

Why Choose Beta-Ride Fibre?

Why Choose Beta-Ride Fibre? Sadly, due to lack of regulations on arena surfaces, many consumers are caught out by poor quality surfaces with poor performance. Here are a few pointers to help you know what you need from your arena surface. It is essential to get pre-consumer fibre as ‘post-consumer fibre’ can be full of … Read more

Endurance Arena Fibre Merge with Beta-Ride

Endurance Arena Fibre Ltd Merges with Beta-Ride Endurance Arena Fibre Merges with Beta-Ride We are pleased to be able to announce that Endurance Arena Fibre Ltd are merging with Beta-Ride Pro-Equestrian Services. We have worked alongside each other for a number of years and are now strengthening our resources by coming together. As Beta-Ride already … Read more

Fibre Topper versus Fibre Integration

Fibre Topper versus Fibre Integration Beta-Ride® Fibre Integration At Beta-Ride, our arena fibre is to be integrated with arena sand. It is NOT to be used as a topper (ie. sit on top of another surface) or with any other surfaces other than sand (i.e. not rubber or woodchip). There’s a good reason for this. … Read more