Economy Fibre

Beta-Ride® Economy Stabilising Fibre

In response to June 17th Regulations concerning Post Consumer Carpet Fibres, Beta-Ride can now offer in addition to our Proven Established Fibres, an Economy Certificated New Synthetic Fibre for mixing into Sand Arenas.

This economy arena fibre offers the benefit of creating a grass like root structure stabilising your Arena surface.

Produced from Raw Materials sourced from the Carpet Manufactures of Europe mixed with Fibres from other Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon Manufactured products.

Beta-Ride Economy Fibre is not to be confused with our other fibres referred to throughout our website. Different from our other fibres, still offering a great product, Beta-Ride Economy Fibre has been developed to satisfy the customer with a limited budget, without losing sight of Beta-Ride’s values. To find out more or to receive a Safety data sheet give us a call.

Priced at £135.00 per bale.
Beta-Ride Economy Fibre, for a 20 x 40 Arena, can be as little as £1,215.00 + Vat mixed at 3.5kg per sq. metre.
Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

How does it differ from Post Consumer Fibre?

  1. New Certificated Material (Not used shredded carpet)
  2. Free of any Contaminants (Carpet Grippers, Staples, Wood etc.)
  3. No Organic Material (Wool, Cotton)
  4. Will not compost down
  5. Odour Free
Beta-Ride Economy Arena Fibre
Economy Beta-Ride Fibre

✓   Working for a safer environment for horse & rider