Frequently Asked Questions

Beta-Ride® FAQs

Please browse our list of frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either via our online form or call 01269 595 064.
What Is Your Arena Surface Fibre Made Of?

Our AstroFibre is made of a blend of brand new fibres used in Astroturf (polypropylene, polyester and nylon textiles), with added polypropylene fibres. They have been laboratory tested to ensure they are fully synthetic (so don’t rot down). The fibre should be used with sand (either existing or new sand). 

Can You Add The Fibres To An Existing Arena Surface?

Yes, many people add fibres to their existing surface with excellent results, although obviously the end result varies according to the condition of the original surface. Contact us to find out if your current arena surface is suitable.

How Much Does It Cost For An Arena To Be Resurfaced?

See our Prices Page for examples of typical costs. This includes examples of fibre only and sand & fibre surface. Costs vary according to equine discipline, location & services required. Unfortunately, prices are changing regularly due to worldwide instability. We recommend a mix rate for Flat Work & Dressage of 3 – 3.5kg per square metre, Jumping & Schooling of 4 to 4.5kg per square metre. For Gallops a mix of 2.5 to 3kg per square metre.

Fill in our quick ‘Get A Quote‘ form or phone us to get a more accurate, current price.

Please beware of cheaper equestrian fibres which can be full of rubbish and may also rot down quickly. We use brand new fibre which is fully synthetic and has greater longevity.

Are Your Fibres Post Consumer Fibres?

Our fibres are brand new fibres. This means they have NOT been used before, so do not have the risk of dangerous contaminants. Our fibres are laboratory quality assured. We test rigorously so they can be trusted for quality & durability.

Do Your Fibres Contain Waste Products?

Our fibres are made from BRAND NEW fibres. This means they have NOT been used before, so do not have the risk of containing dangerous objects. Our fibres are laboratory quality assured. Rigorous testing confirms no contaminants or organic material, so they can be trusted for quality & durability.

What Tests Have Been Carried Out On The Fibres?

Our fibres have been through rigorous laboratory testing for organic material & contaminants. Test results showed the sample mainly contained PP fibre, with small amounts of PET and PA. All these fibres are synthetic.

Do You Sell Rubber For Arenas?

No, we do not sell rubber surfaces. We only supply high quality fibres and install sand and fibre arena surfaces.

Can I Get Samples?

Yes, we can send you samples of our fibres. Order your samples here.

How Does The Fibre Aid Equestrian Performance?

When added to good quality sand, our arena fibre helps provide the right balance of stability & impact absorption to support your horse without sapping its energy. The fibres help you ‘ride on top’ of the surface, whilst still cushioning your ride. They also help prevent strains & injuries by avoiding riding too deep.

What Should The Fibres Be Mixed With?

Our fibre should be mixed with arena sand. This can be existing arena sand or new sand. High quality sand is preferable. See more about sand types here. Contact us for more information on what type of sand is best.

Can I Use The Fibre As A Topper (lying on top of the surface)?

No, our fibre should be integrated with the sand and is not to be used as a topper. This ensures a long-lasting, high performance arena surface, unlike a topper which lies on top of the surface. Fibre which is left on top of the sand does not improve the quality of the sand surface underneath, so often resulting in a poor base surface. The top fibre is also more likely to move.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Fibres?

Our fibres typically last for 15 years or more (with proper care & maintenance). Our fibres are fully synthetic with no organic material. This helps prevent rotting, resulting in long-lasting performance. Our fibres have been rigorously laboratory tested – the results showed no organic material. Our arena fibre can also help prevent degradation of the sand by preventing the grains rubbing together as much.

Is It A Weather Resistant Equestrian Surface?

The fibres have insulating properties & so reduces freezing. The fibres also help with drainage & are moisture retaining, so reduce dust.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Our fibres help reduce arena maintenance, but ALL arena surfaces need some maintenance. Visit our Arena Maintenance page for more information.

What Machinery Is Required For Arena Maintenance?

We recommend using a maintenance harrow, with harrow tynes & compacting rollers, attached to either an ATV/UTC or tractor. Visit our Arena Maintenance page for more information.

Do You Provide Installation?

Yes. Please see our Surface Installation page for more details.

If you’re an experienced, reliable arena surface installer with high attention to detail, get in touch.

Can I Install The Fibres Myself?

Yes, we can just deliver the surface fibres in their tightly packed bales & you can install them yourself. See our Self Installation page for more details.

Where Do You Deliver?

We deliver all over the UK.