Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis of Beta-Ride AstroFibre

We were delighted with these impressive results of this laboratory analysis carried out by Mansfield Sand (using their own sands). When Beta-Ride’s AstroFibre arena fibre was added to the sand, drainage improved remarkably, by 10mm an hour. Whilst drainage improved, moisture content also improved (thanks to the additional nylon in our fibres), helping to eliminate dusty, dry surfaces. See the results below!

More Information / How To Buy

Beta-Ride Fibre is a premium quality arena fibre at a competitive price, suitable for upgrading existing sand arenas or as a new sand & fibre surface. It uses brand new fibres (a blend of polypropylene, polyester and nylon textiles). It is fully synthetic & laboratory quality guaranteed. Beta-Ride Arena Fibre gives your horse the optimal surface for absorption & stability, giving you the perfect ride.

Choose from delivery only, installation or get a complete arena build. Our fibre is normally in stock & ready to deliver. For more information or to place an order, contact us.