Our Surfaces

Beta-Ride® Arena Surfaces

We choose to only offer sand & fibre arena surfaces because, following extensive research & scientific advice, we believe this gives the best performance for all equestrian disciplines. We also believe it is the safest surface, resulting in less stress & strain on the horse & providing the optimal energy balance. We are passionate about the quality, performance & safety of our surfaces.

We can provide a sand & fibre arena surface, or fibre alone to upgrade an existing sand surface. Our high quality fibre, when integrated with sand, creates a root-like structure similar to good turf. This results in a secure surface which doesn’t ride too deep, whilst still giving a cushioned ride & optimal impact absorption.

We only offer high quality fibre, which has been rigorously tested for quality & durability. The fibres are made from pre-consumer carpet fibre, so are contaminant-free. Beta-Ride’s arena fibres comply with the Environment Agency’s new, updated rules – see our environmental approvals here (you might need these for planning permission). The carpet fibres are fully-synthetic, so won’t rot down like some organic materials will.

In addition to the proven established fibres mentioned below, we are now also offering a new Economy Fibre, developed to satisfy the customer with a limited budget, without losing sight of Beta-Ride’s values. 

Two Types of Fibre...

Beta-Ride Equestrian Arena Surfaces Standard Fibre
Standard Beta-Ride Fibre
Beta-Ride Equestrian Arena Surfaces Premium Fibre
Premium Beta-Ride+ Fibre (added Lycra)

We offer two types of fibre. Both are pre-consumer carpet fibres, fully synthetic, high quality, unwaxed fibres. The only difference is that Beta-Ride+ has added Lycra, which can help with heavy footfall arenas, or for arenas with coarser sand types. We can help you decide which is best for your arena.

Sand Types...

We have extensive knowledge about sand types & are happy to supply/advise on the best sand for your arena. The arena fibres that we use actually aid the performance of the sand & so can often markedly improve an arena which already has lower quality sand.

Sand grains vary in shape from angular to round. Selecting the right sand type is important to provide optimal traction and drainage without compaction for your arena surface.

We believe that an arena surface should continue to perform well for many years. That’s why we put so much research into choosing fibres which aid performance & longevity of both the fibre and the sand. Safety of the horse is paramount.


  • Surface Upgrades

  • New Arenas

  • Multi-Discipline

  • In/Outdoor Arenas

  • Full Installation or Self-Instalation

Horse & Rider

  • Impact Cushioning

  • Secure Footing

  • Greater Stability

  • Less Injuries

  • Non-Energy Sapping


  • Improved Drainage

  • Reduces Freezing

  • Moisture Retentive

  • Increased Lifespan

  • Reduced Maintenance


  • Pre-Consumer Fibre

  • Contaminant Free

  • Dust Extracted

  • Fully Synthetic

  • European Environmental Standard

✓   Working for a safer environment for horse & rider