Beta-Ride® Price Guide

Arena surface prices vary according to your requirements. The prices shown below are to give you a rough idea of supply only prices. For a more accurate price guide & for arena build or installation costs, please complete our Get a Quote form or contact us.

Our arena fibres are brand new, premium quality fibres. Please beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre which is often full of dangerous rubbish & organic (so rots down quickly). Our fibre is fully synthetic & typically lasts for 15yrs or more.

The following prices are to give you a rough idea of supply only prices. Prices show ‘arena fibre only’ prices along with ‘sand & fibre’ prices. These prices are for Beta-Ride’s AstroFibre. Prices include VAT but exclude delivery & installation costs.

Delivery costs are postcode dependant; typically £65.40/tonne pallet, including VAT.
Sand prices are postcode & lorry-access dependant. Published prices below based on £42.00/tonne, including VAT.

Unfortunately, prices are changing regularly due to worldwide instability. The prices shown are a guide only and may be out-of-date. Please call or email for an estimate.

Arena Size Use AstroFibre* AstroFibre & Sand**
20 x 40m
Flat Work / Dressage
20 x 40m
Jumping / Heavy Use
20 x 60m
Flat Work / Dressage
20 x 60m
Jumping / Heavy Use

*Note that this is NOT a stand alone fibre and is NOT a topper. It is to be integrated with sand. Read more about why we recommend fibre to be integrated with sand.
**Note that the fibre & sand does NOT come pre-mixed. We choose the best sand for your budget & location and supply our arena fibre separately to this. It is then integrated when installing the surface.