Regular Maintenance

Beta-Ride® Arena Maintenance Tips

Our premium quality arena fibres result in low maintenance arenas. This is because the fibres integrate with the sand and create a root-like structure, preventing as much movement of the surface. However, all arena surfaces need some maintenance.

The arena should be levelled regularly, paying particular attention to high footfall areas. Any visual movement of the surface should be dealt with promptly, therefore being quick & easy to rectify. We recommend using a maintenance harrow, with harrow tynes & compacting rollers.

The fibres help to prevent the sand grains from rubbing against each other, which reduces degradation & dust. The nylon in our fibres is moisture retentive, helping to keep the surface moist & reduce dust. However, in very dry conditions, the surface should be watered to keep it moist.

If you’d rather we did your arena maintenance for you, contact us to discuss your arena maintenance service requirements.