Self Installation

Beta-Ride® Arena Fibre Self-Installation Guide

Beta-Ride offer a full installation service, but if you’d rather choose delivery only and install the arena surface yourself, then here’s a handy guide.

Please be aware that each bale weighs between 300 to 450kg, so you do need machinery to move the bales as they are too heavy to move by hand. Alternatively, we offer full installation servicescontact us to find out more.

Our arena fibres are brand new fibres. Please beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre which is often full of dangerous rubbish & organic (so rots down quickly). Our fibre is fully synthetic & typically lasts for 15yrs or more.

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  1. Ensure you have a good, well draining base for your arena, constructed out of the appropriate materials. No matter what arena surface you have, they can’t cover up any major problems you try to hide underneath! We do offer full arena builds if you need specialist help with the arena base construction.
  2. If you’re buying new sand, make sure you buy the right type. See our Sand Guide here. If required, we can help with this & can choose & organise delivery of your arena sand for you (using a sand supplier local to you).
  3. Have a minimum sand depth of 14cm, with an even depth.
  4. Place your fibre bales around the arena & then draw each bale’s area in the sand, according to the mixing ratio:
    Flat work, dressage: 3 to 3.5kg/square metre.
    Jumping, schooling: 4 to 4.5kg/square metre.
    Gallops: 2.5 to 3kg/square metre.
  5. Be careful when opening the bales as they are tightly packed and the wires will ping open when cut. Stay at a safe distance & protect your eyes. Make sure you collect any of the wires immediately after you cut them to avoid them getting lost in the fibre.
  6. The fibre bales are in sections similar to hay bales. Take out the fibre a section at a time & thoroughly break it up, covering the area you’ve marked out. This can be done by hand, or using a straw chopper. It must be done thoroughly & any occasional long pieces of fibre removed.
  7. Repeat with all the fibre bales across the entire arena, maintaining an even thickness.
  8. Once the fibre is spread across the entire arena, in dry weather water the arena thoroughly. You will notice a change in the fibre’s appearance.
  9. Mix the fibre into the sand to a depth of about 10cm, using a power harrow or stone burier. Take care not to damage the base of the arena.
  10. Roll the arena using a tandem roller, no heavier than 80 to 100ADM.
  11. Use a sand & fibre leveller to complete the arena (do not use grass spring tines).
  12. Leave the arena to settle for 2 to 3 weeks if possible.