Beta-Ride® Pro Equestrian Services

Beta-ride can provide a sand & fibre arena surface, or fibre alone to upgrade an existing sand surface. We can design & build your whole arena, install a sand & fibre surface or upgrade your existing sand arena with our high quality fibre. Alternatively, you can choose the delivery only option & install the fibre yourself.

If you’re not sure what you’re after, then contact us – we’re always happy to help.

Beta-Ride Equestrian Arena Surfaces - Arena Design & Build

Arena Design & Build

If you’re after a completely new arena, Beta-Ride offer the complete package. Our extensive knowledge ensures you get a reliable long-lasting arena, from the foundations through to the high performance surface.

Beta-Ride bale delivery being loaded by forklift

Delivery Only

For self-installation, choose our ‘deliver only’ option. We can deliver just the fibre, or both sand and fibre for you. follow our handy self-installation guide to get the most out of our arena surface.

Beta-Ride Equestrian Arena Surfaces - Sand & Carpet Fibre Arena Surface Installation

Surface Installation

We can install a completely new sand & fibre surface for you, or just integrate our fibre with an existing sand surface.

equestrian arena maintenance

Arena Maintenance

We offer regular arena maintenance or one-off maintenance. We have excellent machinery & extensive experience to achieve great results for your arena, keeping it performing as it should.

✓   Working for a safer environment for horse & rider