Arena Surface Installation

Beta-Ride® Arena Surface Installation

Beta-Ride can install a full, new sand & fibre arena for you. We choose the best sand for performance, longevity & your budget. Our arena fibre is integrated with the sand to give the surface the right stability. It absorbs impact & creates a cushioned ride, without sapping energy. Our arena fibres also help increase the longevity of the sand.

Our arena fibres are brand new, premium quality fibres. Please beware of cheap, poor quality arena fibre which is often full of dangerous rubbish & organic (so rots down quickly). Our fibre is fully synthetic & typically lasts for 15yrs or more.

We are a long established company & pride ourselves on our knowledge & passion for the quality, performance & safety of our equestrian surfaces. We pay great attention to detail & deliver excellent customer service. We’ll meet your requirements & create an arena that will perform for many years to come. Contact us today to discuss your arena requirements.

Should you already have a sand arena & you just want the surface upgrading rather than replacing, we can help with surface upgrades or arena fibre delivery only. We can also provide full arena builds.