Why Choose Beta-Ride?

Reasons To Choose Beta-Ride® Arena Surfaces

Sadly, due to lack of regulations on arena surfaces, many consumers are caught out by poor quality surfaces with poor performance. We are regularly called out to remove arena surfaces, which have often only just been laid, due to unsafe rubbish in the surface or surface degradation. Here are a few pointers to help you know what you need from your arena surface.

  • It is essential to get new fibre. Beta-Ride only offers brand new fibres, (previously unused).
  • Our fibre, when integrated with sand, creates a root-like structure similar to good turf. This results in a good surface through & through. Some ‘toppers’ simply sit on top of the sand or base surface. This doesn’t always benefit the sand, so you might end up with a rock hard or a very loose layer of sand underneath. We always recommend getting fibre which is integrated with the sand, which then both optimises performance of the entire arena surface & increases longevity of both sand & fibre.
  • Fibre should be fully synthetic. Our fibre is rigorously tested & contains no organic material. Organic material can rot down quickly, resulting in a very short-lived arena surface.
  • Fibre should be clean & dust-extracted. (Ours is of course!)
  • The type of sand is important. Very poor quality sand can result in a poor performing surface, either riding too loose, becoming rock hard or simply reducing to dust. Integrating high quality arena fibre can help with the performance of sand, but some sand simply can’t be saved. If you want to upgrade your current arena, send us a sample of your sand & we’ll analyse it for you to see if our arena fibre will be a suitable addition. Alternatively, we can deliver &/ install new sand & fibre, with a choice of budget options.
  • Good quality fibres are drainage friendly, however, they can only help a certain amount. If you already have a core problem with your drainage, then sort out the underlying issues first.
  • We all want low-maintenance surfaces, but whilst fibres can reduce maintenance time, all arena surfaces need some sort of maintenance. Keeping on top of an arena from the start prevents problems from arising.
  • Choose an honest, reliable, knowledgeable company. Safety of the horse is paramount. Don’t just go for the cheapest option – it is just not worth the potential for injuries & it does not make economic sense if the surface loses performance in a year or two.

Beta-Ride® are passionate about the quality, performance & safety of equestrian surfaces. Safety of the horse is paramount.

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Superb Performance

Provides stability & elasticity, with consistent impact absorption across all equine disciplines.

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Weather Resistant

Aids drainage, reduces freezing, moisture retaining, minimal dust, mildew & rot resistant.

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Quality Assured

Brand new premium fibres. Rigorously tested. Fully synthetic for longer lifespan.

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Cost Effective

Premium, long-lasting arena surface at low cost. Can be added to existing sand surfaces.